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Are you holding a charitable event or fundraiser? If so, we may be able to help you!
Making a positive impact in our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about bringing the community together. As part of our goal to enhance quality of life for citizens of Saskatoon and area, we are committed to supporting the community within the financial guidelines of TCU Place.
TCU Place often is approached by local companies, charities and non-profit organizations for cash and non-cash donations. Due to the public nature of the organization and our association with the City of Saskatoon, TCU Place will not offer cash donations. When possible, in-kind donations are available for local companies and community members in the form of theatre or self-created event tickets.
Charitable requests are to be evaluated by TCU Place on the following criteria:
  • Request is from a registered Non-Profit or charitable organization or from an organization that supports TCU Place either as a sponsor or through rental of space
  • Request must support a charitable cause
  • Organization requesting donation must align with the values of TCU Place
  • Limited to one request per year per organization
  • Intent of the request must contribute to, benefit, and positively impact the community
  • Preference will be given to organizations that align with TCU Place's support for community arts and culture

If you would like to request a donation to your event or initiative, please complete the form below. TCU Place receives a high number of donation requests and carefully reviews all applications. Please allow six weeks' notice before your event in order to accommodate our processing time.
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How would this donation provide a positive impact on the community?
How will TCU Place be recognized?
What type of ticket donation would you like to receive from TCU Place?  (A maximum of 2 tickets are donated per approved request)
Select 2-3 preferred event types; type received is based on availability and is not guaranteed.
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